Monday, May 16, 2016

The JGrass-NewAGE system essentials: concepts, deployment, case studies and use cases

This is the talk I gave in Parma at ARPAE. In a mood for collaboration, I presented our modelling ssytem JGrass-NewAGE and out process-based model GEOtop 2.0. The presentation about GEOtop does not contain anything essentially new. It is a synthesis of the talk I gave in San Francisco in December 2013 (I and II). The presentation about JGrass-NewAGE, at the beginning, revisited a presentation I gave in 2008 at CUASHI biennial meeting (and includes now OMS instead than OpenMI)
However, it continues by showing and discussing some of the main components of the system, now documented in the GEOframe blog. Eventually shows some applications of the model and some ways to combine the components in modelling solutions.
The fact that many thoughts that I made at that time are still valid is reassuring. Obviously now we are much more close to the objective, and the codes are more robust and reliable than eight years ago.  Clicking on the figure above, please find the presentation on one of my channel in SlideShare. A longer version of the concepts part will be in a companion posts.

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