Thursday, February 1, 2024

Hydrology 2024 lab

The lab is almost half of the class. According to the motto "learning by doing" it covers at least three numerical experiments:

  • Some elaborations with time series
  • The estimation of the Intensity-Duration-Frequency curves
  • A few experiments with infiltration
  • A few experiments with evaporation and transpiration 
Please find below
Videos and material are  indicated singularly below.

 2023-03-04 Introduction to working with Jupyter and Notebooks
  • Counting the events and producing their empirical statistics (Vimeo2022)

Interpolating the Gumbel distribution to annual precipitation maxima

2024-05-06/07 - Introduction to Infiltration with WHETGEO 1D

Below, you'll discover the resources for the second part of the lab, which encompass instructions for utilizing Object Modelling System version 3 (OMS3) models such as WHETGEO1D and GEOET. Within the OMS Projects, you'll find a directory named Jupyter_Notebook, housing sets of notebooks designed to guide you through handling both input and output data for these programs.
A general introduction to some OMS3 concepts

Please below find Notebooks and video related to the estimation of radiation. Theradiationin this class, will be functional to the estimation of evapotranspiration with the Priestley-Taylor and Penman-FAO models,
2024-05-20 - Introduction to the estimation of evapotranspiration


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