Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tools and methods for operational hydrological forecasting

This is the talk I gave at the meeting entitled "Numeric simulations as a tool for prevention by hydro-geological hazards" in Grado. I covered many of the arguments I usually talk about: modelling, hydro-informatics, and hazards. Nothing especially new for my followers. Just presented in a different way. But, you know, something also perspectives count.

The meeting was nice and I could see what some colleagues and some Italian institutions are doing, which is always important. I did not always agreed with what I herd. However most of the participant, at least those I could see in the morning sessions, gave me the impression of dedicated people. Which is encouraging. Clicking on the figure, you can see the presentation in Italian. English presentation will follow soon.


  1. How many presentations/seminars/talks do per year? Impressive!!!

  2. Invited not so many (two or three per year). I used the others to fix idea formally when I need to fix notation, and be able to understand what I was thinking a little later.