Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Why putting on-line Project Proposals ? Well, I think this is, one step in "open sourceness" and in replicability of research. I usually put a lot of efforts in writing proposals, and most of the time they do not obtain the financial support they were written for. So they remain in one of mine (informatics) drawers and lay forgotten. To this destiny is certainly preferable a public exposition where other researchers can find, if possible, inspiration. I obviously hope that my projects get financed,  and so, I hope for this one. If approved it will give support to a young start-up (of my former Ph.D. students) and to some new postdocs, and/or doctoral students.

Adige-CARITRO, is a project presented for the CARITRO call 2016. It is, in a sense, the continuation of the CLIMAWARE project, and its aim is to produce an operational core modelling solution for River Adige. This work is based on OMS3 and JGrass-NewAGE but, obviously, it will contain the huge set of refinements necessary to have a working model, and will include the large database we created in other projects, and especially with funding from CLIMAWARE and GLOBAQUA.

The Adige-CARITRO model will be able to estimate all the hydrological flows (discharge, evapotranspiration, recharge, liquid precipitation and snowfall) in the basin,  divided into sub-basins of few square kilometers (for a total of several thousand sub-basins ).  Modelling will include reservoirs, intakes,  the main lakes.
This will allow  to have a capillary control over the hydrology of the basin, even in real-time, either for the management of water uses (irrigation, snow, production of energy) and extreme phenomena (floods and drought ) and for the evaluation of ecosystem services related to water. It will also allows to make realistic projections of the effects of climate change in the Trentino-Alto Adige.
This project will focus on deployment of modeling solutions that require great integration between databases and models, as well as the development of appropriate tools for processing, analysis and representation of the output data. The project will also pursue some theoretical developments  which will be promptly implemented.

The project is made in collaboration with MobyGIS which will produce the snow modelling trough its platform MySnowmaps. By clicking on the image above you can download the project.

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  1. The project was not financed. Do not know the motivation. The approved projects do not seem to me much better than mine. Certainly they asked for less than 100 Keuro, and this was probably one reason. That's a pity. The add value of our results would have been hundreds of Keuros, but probably I did it wrong.