Monday, May 30, 2016

A Ph.D position at University of Bozen on: Short and medium term hydrological forecasting for hydropower production

The candidate is assumed to produce forecasting and scenarios, with the modelling system JGrass-NewAGE for supporting the organisation and analyses of economical (and other) issues concerning the hydropower production in the Northern Adige River Basin. She/He is also assumed to be able advance the knowledge on phenomena that stay behind the production of runoff, and, in general, to advance the knowledge of  sustainable energy production in mountains area.

He/She will be supervised by professor Maurizio Righetti and co-supervised by Riccardo Rigon (GS, RG) and Bruno Majone (RG). Programming skills are required in order to be able to add appropriate modules (as open source contributions)  to the existing hydrological system. R knowledge for statistical analysis will be considered as a title of merit.
She/He will be inserted in a dynamic working group of Bozen and Trento Universities which includes also Professor Alberto Bellin (GS, RG). 

Deadline for submission June 8th.

Other information can be found at:

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