Thursday, April 27, 2017

New Insights in Permafrost modelling (EGU Wien 2017)

This talk (and work) is another rearrangement of Niccolò Tubini work, and continues Matteo Dall'Amico Ph.D work. It derives the set of equations for water flow in freezing soils based on the same assumptions by Matteo but the results is slightly different at the end. 

Click on the figure above to see the presentation. Hope you enjoy it.

Dalton Prize 2017 to Dani Or

This is the video of Dani Or (GS) lecture for the prize he received at this year EGU Wien. Dani is an outstanding scientist and any of the things he does deserve attention and a reading. He talked about evaporation and others of his lectures were already linked in this blog.

Here below a presentation of Dani.

Here his lecture (unfortunately a little out of focus, but still visible. I hope that there will be an official, professional record from EGU).

Monday, April 10, 2017

Open-source software for simulating hillslope hydrology and stability

This is the material of the SC34/NH10.2 ECS: Open-source software for simulating hillslope hydrology and stability
by Giuseppe Formetta, Francesco Serafin, Riccardo Rigon, Raffaele Albano and Luigi Lombardo (co-conveners)

session of the  2017 EGU meeting in Wien.
For all of this work it is necessary to download a number of softwares.
  • Docker GEOtop,
    • Preliminari to any operation is to install GEOtop 2.0  on your machine. To avoid the complication implied by different platform GEOtop has been compiled against Docker which is a lightweight, well supported mini virtual machine which run on most operating systems.  The instructions on how to do it are available directly at: (scroll down a little the page to see the instructions). Installing Docker is time consuming so, it is essential that participants to the pico session will download it before the session. An alternative little guide is on GrowWorkingHard Other information about the dockerized version of GEOtop can be found here.
    • Other GEOtop information can be found in the GEOtop essential post
  • Next stuff require you to have installed the Java JDK (from Oracle site)
  • Console OMS3,