Friday, September 23, 2016

The Adige database or the database NewAGE

This is to introduce the Adige database that collects as many possible data about the Adige river.  It is the result  of many years of work (involving Alberto Bellin (GS, RG), myself (GS, RG), Bruno Majone (GS), Francesca Villa, Hydrologis and many others), across various projects the latter of which are the CLIMAWARE project and GLOBAQUA ones . It contains geometries (it is a spatial database), time series, intakes and outakes data. It is a gold mine for whom wants to dig into it.
The presentation is due to Stefano Tasin, one of my master students, and it is in Italian.  However the slides could be understandable also by those who have a knowledge of SQL or want to get it, after some little effort. Clicking on the figure above you access his presentation pdf. Tables in the database are documented here
The database is in sqlite and spatialite, expandable and, I hope to find someone who can legally maintain it and offer it as open data

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