Tuesday, December 10, 2013

GEOtop 2.0 at AGU 2013 - II - The Cryosphere

In this marathon I am doing at this Fall AGU Meeting, I am also giving a second talk about GEOtop 2.0. But this time I talk about the simulations of the snow modelling and the soil freezing.
The presentation is mainly based on the work initiated with Stefano Endrizzi and Matteo Dall'Amico thesis, and subsequently pursed together with Stephan Gruber of Zurich University, now at Carleton University. The two reference papers are Dall'Amico et al. 2011 and Endrizzi et al., 2013, cited in the talk, but also the work in Gubler et al. 2013 is extremely relevant for all the testing it performed on the models
So clicking on the image, as usual, you will gain access to the presentation. While, in the first post I took the occasion for adding the References of GEOtop, in this case I just collect the main presentations on the topic that you can find below.

GEOtop relevant presentation

Especially important to understand GEOtop history (see also these post: I and II).

GEOtop, the making of version 1.45  (Summer school on Environmental Dynamics, 2011)
summarised concepts already present in GEOtop 2008 presentation.

GEOtop, the snow modelling (now actually obsolete ... but a good reading for the general concepts)

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