Thursday, December 5, 2013

CUASHI ciber-seminars

For who do not, CUASHI stands for  Consortium of University for the Advancement of Hydrological sciences. The institution is a source of many good initiatives, among which, the hydrologic information system (HIS), a cyber-infrastructure for storing and distributing data.  However, one of the activity of CUASHI is covering with cyberseminars (more than one hundred so far) many aspects of hydrological research and practice.
Following the link you will findthe whole serie of seminar, in alphabetic order.  Out of them I chose ten, not necessarily the best, but those that have attracted my attention. All of them are the product of first class hydrologist, whose publication and studies deserve, in any case, attention. Here they are:

Bode, Collin - University of California, Berkeley
HydroWatch: An Open source Sensor Observatory
Recorded presentation

DeLuca, Cecelia - National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
ESMF and Earth System Curator: Integrated Modeling Infrastructure for Virtual Communities
Recorded presentation

Marks, Danny - USDA ARS, Northwest Watershed Research Center
An Outdoor Hydro-Climatic Laboratory for the 21st Century: 45 Years of Research and Data Collection at the Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed
Recorded presentation

Molotch, Noah – Research at the Western Critical Zone Observatories
Snowmelt as a Driver of Ecohydrological Processes: Low-hanging Fruit for Cross-CZO Research
Recorded presentation

Pomeroy, John - University of Saskatchewan
Advancing Hydrological Processes to Better Predict Hydrology in Cold Regions
Recorded presentation

Selker, John - Oregon State University
Methods in Hydrologic Science: The Synergies between Redundant Low-cost Wireless Sensors and the Data Cloud Come of Age
Recorded presentation

Smith, Jim - Princeton University
Flooding in the Urban Environment
Recorded presentation

Tarboton, David & David R. Maidment - Utah State University & University of Texas, Austin
State and Regional Hydrologic Information Systems
Recorded presentation

Vogel, Richard - Tufts University
Hydromorphology: The Shape of our Water Future
Recorded presentation

Wagener, Thorsten - Pennsylvania State University
Hydrologic Similarity and the Search for a Catchment Classification Framework
Recorded presentation

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