Monday, December 30, 2013


Want to start with turbulence ? Start first with fluid dynamics:
  • George Batchelor [Old, but classics]
    • An Introduction to Fluid Dynamics ( I have the feeling to be able to do better in some parts - but without trying it how one can say ?)
Some freely available resources:

Regarding Turbulence itself, I would start from on-line resources, and the first reading could easily be:
which could continue continue with some selected topics by

If I have to choose just other three references, I would select (in brackets [ ] Shalizi's -see below-comments, in  ( ) my comments) :
  • George Batchelor [Old, but classics]
  • Uriel FrischTurbulence: The Legacy of A. N. Kolmogorov [An excellent introduction, very strong on defending Kolmogorov's work from misunderstandings and invalid criticisms.] One paper that summarizes Frisch view is here
and a different, but, in my opinion in the long-term the winning perspective:
Of the latter this paper by David Ruelle can be a complement.

Also the old classic book by Tennekes and Lumley  is available, legally or not, on-line, here.

Other stuff  which is intriguing me, are random cascades (and turbulence), a topic that I came to know through the work of Ed Waymire, and that you can come close by reading:
Also interesting is the works on rinormalization group and turbulences of which this is a google synthesis.

Finally, you can look at the Cosma Shalizi's bibliography. Huge and overwhelming indeed, it was the starting point of this my own post.

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