Friday, November 29, 2013


MeteoIO is a library that provides various interpolation methods for 1D and 2D data. It has been used for the SnowPack and Alpine3D models, and recently we started also to use it for GEOtop. GEOtop has its own interpolation routines but MeteoIO is supported by a larger community of developers, and therefore, why reinvent the well again and again ?

For this reason in  GEOtop 2.0 MeteoIo was added. Models uniforming to MeteoIO conventions can also use the INIShell Java program that provides a graphic user interface "for free".

On october 23th a small seminar was held in Eurac, Bolzano,  to illustrate the use of MeteoIO. The presentation by Mathias Bavey can be found here.

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