Thursday, March 15, 2012

Power Laws

Many non linear phenomena where shown to obey a power law. However, this paper shows that we could have inferred them improperly. The paper, I realize, is quite famous, since it gained over than 1000 citations according to Google Scholar (but I did not know it). ...

I gave it a look and it is actually very interesting. In fact, my good all power laws (e.g. Rigon et al.,  1996; Maritan et al., 1996; Rinaldo et al., 1998; Convertino et al., 2007) were a little different, since my exponents were all less than 1 (not greater than 1, as those treated in the paper): but I think that most of the result can be appropriately adapted.  There are also these weblog pages where there are further comments and a lot of information (maybe too much ?) by one of the authors.
For general information about statistics give a look here.

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