Saturday, March 31, 2012

Judea Pearl Won the Turing Prize

I came to across Judea Pearl book: Causality: models, reasoning and inference in the search for understanding the subtleties of the Bayesian approach to statistics (and statistics in general).  I am  still  studying, and trying hard to understand how his findings can improve my approach to research in Hydrology.   I think that this Turing Prize he got was well deserved, and I did this post  for others to join the list of admirers of his work.

 In his site, videos, tutorial and other good food for thinking, and  "Causal Inference in Statistics: An Overview", Statistics Surveys 3 (2009): 96--146 [Free PDF], a must read for whom interested.^1

^1 For who captured by his work, it could be interesting to give a look to the TETRAD Project.

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