Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The material of the GWS 2021 is ready

And now everybody can enjoy it for its own work or research. Lectures was recorded and uploaded on VIMEO. Whilst GEOframe is an alive and evolving project, GWS2021 represent the best way to approach the GEOframe system. 



Topics overed:

Next Day/Task

Subscriptions for having credits for this class and support can be obtained by applying at  https://webapps.unitn.it/form/en/Web/Application/winterschool/GEOframeWS2021 and compile the form or write to abouthydrology@gmail.con with subject: GWS2021 if you need more information. After payment of the fee you can have individual support and gain the participation certificate if you setup and perform an exercise with the GEOframe tools. You can do it on a your own catchment or we can provide you with a catchment and the required data. 

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