Friday, January 15, 2021

Long live to the Horton Machine!

The Horton Machine is our set of tools for geomorphic analysis. It was named after  one of the father of Hydrology and Geomorphology, Robert E. Horton. The GEOframe group contributed since the beginning of it and at present, the tool is maintained by Hydrologis. The presentation below introduces the last stand-alone version of it and, in particular, there is a part dedicated to a tool that Hydrologis dedicated to the GEOframe community for giving a well balanced partition of catchments for hydrological analysis.

Obviously Horton Machine The Spatial Toolbox contains other tools than those for GEOframe, of particular interest are those that support the analysis of LIDAR dataset (L.E.S.T.O.), the use of the GEOpaparazzi (github) and SMASH mobile applications.  
Dr. Silvia Franceschi (GS) is briefly presenting here the tools. The slides of the presentation can be accessed by clicking on the above figure.  Please see the video of the presentation below

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