Friday, January 24, 2020

Material of the Winter School 2020 on GEOframe

All the material of the GEOframe Winter School 2020 (GSW2020) is now ready on the GEOframe blog. Yo can have the software, the instructions for installation, a glimpse of theory of the hydrological processes, the examples, the Jupyter notebooks, etc.
Those who where not present can still enjoy our efforts by browsing the material by clicking on the picture above or by clicking the items below:
Who is just interested in the theoretical lectures, they can enjoy the videos listed at this blog page.
Who is interested in self teaching with the material is welcomed. We are committed to moderately help GEOframe users.
Who is interested to have the original of the slides (not just the pdf) can write to riccardo.rigon <at>
Who is interested to gain a certificate or ECTS credits on GEOframe and have responsive support, please write to abouthydrology <at>
Who is interested to do a Ph.D. with us is suggested to study this material and performing an appropriate exercise under our guidance (see also here) please also contact us.

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