Friday, September 6, 2019

Quantum Computing will change the hydrologists life ?

I struggle for most of my scientific life with computing issues. The main focus was to choose the right language: C over FORTRAN first, then C++ and Java, and finally Java plus Python recently, passing trough various experiences with BASIC, Smalltalk, the Wolfram Language, R).
And with the language a programming paradigm, from old "go to"s to procedural programming, from procedural programming to functional programming and object oriented programming. It has been a long journey a little aside from the main stream of my colleagues, once FORTRANers, now mostly PYTHONers (and MATLABbers though) and it still continues.
However all of this was in the big stream of computer machines working with processors built in a certain way. Since many years from now the focus moved then in parallelizing the codes to serve vectorial chips, multicores processors, and factories of computers sharing tasks (and I confess I remained a little behind in this).

Now, in a decade or so (but I suspect in twenty years) the traditional way of writing algorithms will change: no more bits but Qbits. The era of quantum computing seems just behind the curtain.
To this scope documentation start to be present and remarkably IBM provides some tutorials if you want to start training yourself. You can start from Qiskit by

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