Sunday, February 10, 2019

My Hydrology Class 2019

To have an idea about this class, please look at the Syllabus slides below.  This year the class will be a little different from the last year: there will be more hydrology and less statistics.  Laboratory work will be (mostly) concentrated in May and June. March and April will be mostly spent to develop the theoretical parts.
Lectures  and lab classes will be recorded and uploaded on my YouTube channel.
The intermediate exam will be written with 3 questions about the topic treated to which the student will be asked to answer with text, figures and formulas. The final exam will be a discussion of the exercises provided by the students int the form of Jupyter notebooks plus a short Python exercise. Each of the exercises will be discussed separately and by booking an appointment with the professor before the formal date of the exam or at the day of the final exam. The Pico touch-screen at the first floor of the Mesiano building will be used for the presentations.

Used Software

There is no engineering without using models. During the class will be used various open source softwares and resources:
All these resources are free, besides being open. For installations requirements, please see the GEOframe winter school material here. For understanding a little more about this material, please look at "Getting started with Docker OMS and Jupyterlab" post.

Lab material can be found here

Foreseen Schedule

Material uploaded is subject to modifications prior to the schedule date


2019-03-06  - Ground based Precipitations and their statistics Separation snow-rainfall - measure of precipitation
2019-03-08  Extreme precipitations. 
Determination of Gumbel's parameters
T -Water in soil. Darcy-Buckingham. Hydraulic conductivity. Soil water retention curves.
 Richards equation and its extensions 
2019 - 03- 22
2019-04-05 - Evaporation generalities
2019-04-17 - Intermediate test (Room 2F, 9 a.m.)  Questions

2019-05-02 - Grades of Intermediate Test

2019-05-03  - Evaporation from soils and Transpiration

Lab material can be found here

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