Thursday, February 21, 2019

Warredoc Winter School - Hydrology on data rich Hydrology

Last month, Fernando Nardi of the Università per stranieri (University for Foreigners) in Perugia and Warredoc organised a nice and successful Winter School on Data Rich Hydrology.
Many colleagues participated and gave very nice presentations. Here below I am reproducing verbatim the content of the School's pages with links to the pdf of the lectures.


Lunedì 28 Gennaio

Rafael L. Bras, The Era of Data Rich Hydrology
Stefan Uhlenbrook, The WWDR and SDG 6 Synthesis Report

Sessione pomeridiana
Aldo Fiori, Groundwater hydrology and hydrological process mechanics
Marco Marani, Beyond traditional extreme value theory: lessons learned from rainfall and hurricane intensity
Maria Cristina Rulli, The water-food-energy nexus

Martedì 29 Gennaio
Sessione mattutina
Rafael L. Bras, The Era of Data Rich Hydrology
Stefan Uhlenbrook, The WWDR and SDG 6 Synthesis Report
Fabio Castelli, Remote sensing and data assimilation in hydrology

Sessione pomeridiana
Roberto Deidda, Modelling scaling properties of precipitation fields
Salvatore Grimaldi, Hydrologic measurements and novel observation technologies
— Dinner & Social event —

Mercoledì 30 Gennaio
Sessione mattutina
Salvatore Manfreda, Drones in Hydrology (lecture & hands on)
Elena Volpi, Hydrological risk assessment: Return period and probability of failure

Sessione pomeridiana
Andrea Libertino, Advances in the space-time analysis of rainfall extremes
Riccardo Rigon, Hydrologic modelling in a data rich world

Giovedì 31 Gennaio
Sessione mattutina
Daniele Ganora, Data poor vs. data rich cases for flood hazard (lecture & hands on)
Gabriele Freni, Distributed Data quality and urban flood modelling uncertainty

Sessione pomeridiana
Fernando Nardi, Citizen science and big data in hydrology

Venerdì 1 Febbraio
Sessione mattutina
Tommaso Moramarco, Stream flow measurements: ground and satellite observations
Alessio Domeneghetti, Remote sensing data and tools to foster inland water monitoring and flood modeling

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