Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Where I was during the last weeks

I already wrote that I am participating to the competition for becoming Head of my Department (with roles similar to a Dean, however).  My short presentation I gave last July can be found here and recently I was so busy to talk to people and write my program.
I think I did a good work, and the results (in Italian) can be found here.  Elections are tomorrow, a have a good competitor,  and I do not know what I will achieve. However, this has to be done; I did at my best and voters are always right.  As masters I had Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe (GS) and Andrea Rinaldo (GS). Both of them were, besides outstanding researchers, very good Department Heads in various important Universities.  If I will be elected, I will use the treasure of having seen them in action.

News: I’ve lost! Quite clearly. Nevertheless I believe that my profram remains a good example of a possible management of a Department.

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