Wednesday, July 25, 2018

If I was the head of my Department

I manifested to my colleague my availability to be voted for Department Head. Not an easy task indeed, and a challenge if I want to continue to do some research. However, this is the right time for doing it. In six years I will be too old to plan to for ten years in advance and the baton has to be given to others, while I will give "good advise, if I will not be able to give bad examples".
Today we are asked, the so far three candidates, to give our vision for our mandate in front  our peers and electors.
Below the above figure, you find my talk (in Italian). Have to say my opponents are good guys, and I have not problems to give up if I recognize if their will and view is better than mine.  At the end, I think one of the quality of good academics is to recognize where excellence stands. 


  1. sorry, you should say: if I was..., not if I would be..... That´s gramatically wrong...