Tuesday, September 18, 2018

GEOtop goes towards a new major version

GEOtop 3.* is going to be different from what I envisioned. It is not a mystery that I quite abandoned its development for looking to a new platform based on GEOframe. However GEOtop remains an innovative piece of code. No other hydrological model simulates so many processes together. Despite there are good models for integrating Richards equation, there are few that also treat freezing soil and snow properly Viceversa there are, maybe, better models for snow but they usually do not deal with  snow and freezing soil.
No one (to my knowledge) fully solves the energy budget. And so on. GEOtop has a small but active group of users and developers. Stefano Cozzini (GS) and Giacomo Bertoldi (GS) are now leading this group. Here you will find the talk and the poster the group gave at the XXVI Italian Meeting of Hydraulic Constructions and Hydraulics.

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