Wednesday, February 22, 2017

JGrass-NewAGE: the first Potenza lecture

This is the presentation of JGrass-NewAGE structure and achievements. A lot of posts were dedicated to it. But there is always space for new perspectives and details, since it is a work in progress where talented students of mine put all of their efforts.
JGrass-NewAGE has grown to a stable and operational set of OMS components, documented in the GEOframe blog. We also developed good practice for software design and traceability of our efforts meanwhile that could be interesting to know.
Aficionados will recognize (by clicking on the figure) that the presentation contains various topics already largely spread in other posts. However, there are a few small little things that could be interesting. Or, BTW, the arrangement given here to the matter, can clarify some choices that could have been seen obscure in other occasions (the slides are in Italian but contain link to other material and papers in English).

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