Thursday, February 18, 2016

The man who planted trees. Part II

In a previous post, I asked if we were able to simulate the effects foreseen in the small movies, The man who planted trees (take the time to watch it, it is an experience by itself). I entitled the post: part I because I had many points to develop (and still I have). 

However, in the meantime, I was accumulating material, this review appeared (in this new Journal WIREs Water) which is pretty much on the my point of view of hydrologic modeller. Maybe some expert of ecohydrology, more expert than me, which is easy, can find some part underdeveloped. However, with its almost five hundred cited paper and its clarity, this review is certainly a good reading for anyone who wants to approach the argument.


Fatichi, S., Pappas, C., & Ivanov, V. Y. (2015). Modeling plant-water interactions: an ecohydrological overview from the cell to the global scale. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water.

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