Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hydrological modelling with components: the OMS3 NewAge-JGrass system by Giuseppe Formetta

Congratulations Giuseppe! Your thesis is obviously a draft, since it has still to pass the screening of your committee. However, packaging all your work together is certainly a milestone. Starting from the preliminary work by Hydrologis and other former collaborators,  the thesis not only provides  components for the simulation of the hydrological cycle budgets (which is indeed a part of it) but tests independently each component before to use it in various modelling solutions. This outcome is made possible by the existence of the Object Modelling System and the interactions Giuseppe had with Olaf David, my co-advisor in this thesis. For who wants to have give a glance to the thesis, and to look to the first overall work on the Jgrass-NewAGE system, it can be found at the link behind  "The Dream" painting by Henri Rosseau.

 Some of the components of the thesis are already available at the jgrasstools site. Others will be available soon, after the necessary work of refinement, but the core is referred in the post about OMS3 resources (see: An example). Old posts cover the topics of the thesis that were already published, submitted to a journal, or exposed in some conference. 


  1. Well done Giuseppe !

    BTW, probably there is a detail you should fix in the dissertation.

    In page 2 of 158 (ii) it is written (today, 01/Mar/2013):

    "Day of the defense: 19/04/2014"

    Should it be:
    " Day of the defense: 19/04/2013 ?"



  2. Mauricio thanks a lot... I will try to fix it.


  3. I just read the thesis on line
    Great Job indeed
    JM Roques AMENIS