Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Real Books of Hydrology

This is the collection of slides I use for my Hydrology class at university of Trento. I called them Real Books recalling the tradition coming from jazz music. In this post there are just the rational for these slides.

Below an explanation of the style used and a tentative unification for the notation, which is, indeed, very much dependent on the subject treated. Some books tried to have a unique identification for each variable: but the result becomes cluttered with subscripts and superscripts.

Leonardo Perathoner, one of my students, prepared also a LaTeX style to simulate the same styles I use.

The whole set of old talks can be found on Slideshare/SlidesAboutHydrology. The list of the new ones is below:

1 - Introduction to Hydrology (Part I, Part II, and Part III). As an alternative or a completion of my slides I suggest the reading of  "Evolution of modern hydrology", by P. Eagleson, WRR 1994 and the poin of view offered by "Global Hydrological Cycles and World Water Resources", by T. Oki e S,. Kanae). Reading "Challenges and Opportunities for the Hydrological Sciences" could also be useful.

13 - Radiation (see also the previous posts where you can find some linked papers)

---more to follow---

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