Saturday, January 21, 2023

One year position (hopefully extensible to two or three years) for working on the Po Project is open until January 31st.

One year position (hopefully extensible to two or three years)  for working on the Po Project is open at the University of Trento, Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering. Information about the project can be found at:

We search  for a skilled candidate able to boost the work on the project and eventually start  new researchers among the various challenging research lines which were better defined in the so called DARTH4MED project:

PI of the Project are Riccardo Rigon ( and Giuseppe Formetta ( Please do not hesitate to ask for information and clarifications and note that we encourage to apply also to students who do not have yet discussed their Ph.D. Thesis.

The call details are at:

The net salary is around 1700 Euro/Months. Other submitted projects, including the already mentioned DARTH4MED are synergic to the this project and they could provide further financial support for the next years. An ideal reference for the framework used in the project is the paper on Digital eARth Twins of Hydrology (DARTHs) recently published on HESS

To the potential applicants:

Please observe that the use of our system GEOframe is mandatory for that project. After January 31 we will be evaluating the submission. For incoming possible postdoc, I wrote this

Please observe that you are a little late but you can browse our Winter School on GEOframe to understand what we require. 

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