Monday, December 30, 2019

Using GEOframe-NewAGE for operational modelling

Finally we did it ! Thanks to ARPA Basilicata and the work of my co-authors, Marialaura Bancheri  (GS) and Salvatore Manfreda (GS)  this long term objective of mine had a first realisation. We think GEOframe is a brilliant platform for operational hydrology, due to its flexibility and expandability.
we did not produce much new science with this paper. However, I think the introduction is brilliant, the explanation of how the models work of unsurpassed clarity, thanks to the use of EPNs, and, obviously, the system informatics really outstanding. You can find below the Figure representing the core modelling structure with this graphic system.
 Below you also find the representation of  how routing was implemented.  The latter figure shows how a dam was inserted in modelling. Because the EPN is actually reflected into the internal informatics, based of Net3, the dam can be inserted or excluded, according to what we want to simulate, without breaking the model, just on the basis of scripting.
It will be interesting from now on to monitor  how the system actually work in the operational context, and we will give proper information of it in the future. The paper is open access on Water, and you can see it here.

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