Thursday, June 27, 2019

GEOframe Winter School 2020 - It is time to apply !

The second edition on the Winter School on GEOframe will be held between January 8 and 17, 2020 in Trento, Italy.  The course is devoted to Ph.D. Students, Post-docs, Young researchers (and Professionals!) interested in estimating all the components of the hydrological cycle (rainfall, evapotranspiration, snow-melting, and river discharge).  The system they will learn allows to work out very small catchments and continental basins as well (e.g. Abera et al., 2017a,b) up to build operational solutions as the one used in in Basilicata.

The aim of the course is to enable participants to run their own simulations and eventually on their own catchments and estimate the hydrological budget components.
With respect to the 2019 Winter School, there will be more practice and more detailed work on evapotranspiration and rainfall-runoff. It will be much more focused on exercises and on getting the water budget performed under various hypotheses on models' structure.

Website for the enrollment go here.

For the hole definitive material of the School go here

The provisional topics will be:

Teachers will be:

Prof. Riccardo Rigon, Ph.D.
Prof. Giuseppe Formetta, Ph.D.
Marialaura Bancheri, Ph.D.
Michele Bottazzi, Ph.D. candidate
Niccolò Tubini, Ph.D. student
Daniele Dalla Torre, research assistant

The provisional topics will be:

To have an idea of the topics, the interested researchers should give look at the material (slides, video etc. of the 2019 Winter School).  The material of the first three days remains very similar (but refined) to the old one. Therefore, for students is possible also to participate only to the second week (at the same cost, but saving some lodging) but, in that case, is mandatory to follow the on-line courses and tutorials  relative of 8-9-10 January topics and having done the exercises before December 15. We will offer prompt online support to them up to that date and no support whatsoever on the same topics later or  between 13-17 of January for clear reasons of course efficiency and organisation.  The refined material of the first three days will be available on the Winter School website  from November 15, 2019.

With respect to the 2019 School, there will be more practice and more detailed material on Evapotranspiration and Rainfall-Runoff. For every 40 minutes of talk there will be 70 minutes of supervised exercise for a total of 8 hour a day of activities. 

Cost of the School is 350 Euros for who will subscribe before November 15, 400 Euros for others. A discount of 20 Euros is granted to fellows of the Italian Hydrological Society (subscriptions for students are available at the IHS-SII site for 10 Euros to students and 20 to seniors). Who attended the last year school can participate free of charge, upon subscription. Inclusive of the costs will be coffee breaks and lunch at the Cafeteria of Department of Civil, and one social dinner for all the schoolmates Environmental and Mechanical Engineering. 

Website for the enrollment go here.

For any further information, please fill free to contact me at riccardo.rigon <at>

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