Wednesday, August 30, 2017

OMS 3 essentials

OMS3 stands for Object Modelling System version 3 (see also this page here). Now it has also a server-side companion called Cloud Service Integration platform, CSIP. You can find information about OMS3 here:
A version of OMS3 source code is here.

For more general information you can browse the various dedicated posts in this blog.

For running it, you have to perform various installations. If can go to to the easiest path provided by 
Otherwise, if you prefer to go through all the details, give a look  to the short notes below. 

  • Java. GEOframe and OMS are written in Java and they require to have installed Java on your computer. Here you can find instructions to install Java on your computer. OMS need Java 8 JDK. Please note that you need the Java Development Toolkit (JDK) installed not the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). The official Oracle's pages are here but we now want to use AdoptOpenJDK (see why here). Recently, for simplify these installations,  and the companion installations of the system GEOFrame built upon OMS3, we have used the Anaconda Environment, here
There are various ways to use OMS. The most important two are using Docker or using the OMSConsole (the latter is not really up-to-date). Please notice that the OMS console still works for Java 8, while the Docker version can work with the most recent Java version (this does not implies that your OMS components work with it, if they contain some dependence on old Java versions).


To have a recent overview of the subject jointly with our GEOframe stuff, one can also give a look to 
Further information

Our development regarding the Net3 (Francesco Serafin's work): 

Hopefully they will merge soon in an official release. All the "alm" repo at present require a password that can be asked to Olaf David (odavid <at> colostate. edu) col.

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