Wednesday, August 30, 2017

OMS 3 essentials

I am collecting here some essential information about the Object Modeling system v3.

The papers to start with:
David, O., Ascough, J. C., II, Lloyd, W., Green, T. R., Rojas, K. W., Leavesley, G. H., & Ahuja, L. R. (2012). A software engineering perspective on environmental modeling framework design: The Object Modeling System. Environmental Modelling and Software, 39, 1–13.

To have a recent overview of the subject jointly with our GEOframe stuff, one can also give a look to Marialaura Bancheri's dissertation.

OMS general

OMS console installation:
download from here:
follow instructions from here:

The Hello world example:

The source code can be found at:



Our development regarding the Net3 (Francesco Serafin's work):

Other information in the material of the Summer Schools or (in Italian) among the material of 2017 hydrology class.  I need some time to sort it out. The inpatients can help me.

Hopefully they will merge soon in an official release.  All the repo at present require a password that can be asked to Olaf David (odavid <at> colostate. edu) col.

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