Monday, November 21, 2016

Zenodo and Joss

Here I am robbing from Living in an Ivory Basement blog. Titus Brown (GS) introduces two interesting tools. Maybe the word “tools” is an inappropriateas description.

Zenodo is a way to archive software products, under the idea that GitHUB is not an archival:

“A common point of concern, however, is that GitHub repositories are not archival. That is, you can modify, rewrite, delete, or otherwise irreversibly mess with the contents of a git repository. And, of course, GitHub could go the way of Sourceforge and Google Code at any point. … But! Never fear! The folk at Zenodo and Mozilla Science Lab (in collaboration with Figshare) have solutions for you! … Zenodo is an open-access archive that is recommended by Peter Suber (as is Figshare). … Items will be retained for the lifetime of the repository. This is currently the lifetime of the host laboratory CERN, which currently has an experimental programme defined for the next 20 years at least.“

For more information, nothing better than reading the original blog post.

JOSS stands for Journal of Open Source Software and it promises to be a vehicle to publish software, not what software is about, or a description of the software and its peculiarities, but of the software, which seems to go through a process of peer review, extremely useful and new. You can find the Joss post here.

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