Friday, October 7, 2016

Freezing-thawing processes studying with numerical models

This is the presentation given by Niccolò Tubini at the Carleton University last October 6th. Niccolò in his Master Thesis is working for a new implementation of the theory of freezing and thawing already covered by Matteo Dall'Amico in his Ph.D. Thesis and in Dall'Amico et al., 2011.
This work is part of the GEOtop project and its new implementations (see also here). The intention is to use the new numerical method implemented by Casulli and Zanolli (2010, 2011) of the extended Richards equation (see also the video here). The new method promise to be faster than the older one, more stable, and implemented for unstructured grids, while at present, GEOtop 2.0 uses a structured grid. Hopefully, the new development will be made in OMS3


Casulli, V., & Zanolli, P (2010). A nested newton-type algorithm for finite colume methods solving Richards' equation in mixed form. SIAM J. SCI. Comput., 32(4), 2225–2273.

Casulli, V., & Zanolli, P. (2012). Iterative solutions of mildly non linear systems, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 236(16), 3937–3947.

Dall'Amico, M., Endrizzi, S., Gruber, S., & Rigon, R. (2011). A robust and energy-conserving model of freezing variably-saturated soil. The Cryosphere, 469–484.

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