Saturday, December 6, 2014

Imagine to be a hydrologist and you want to learn Java

Dear * to learn Java: 

you can use my lectures (still being produced):

Read the books I list in my blog: Many of them are specifically dedicated to Numerics and Scientific Computation.

Learning Java is very much programming, not just reading. So You have to choose a task and try to perform it. Good experiments should be, creating reusable classes for:
  • Reading and writing data to a file
  • For a generic function
  • For solving an Ordinary differential equation (or a set of them: Lorenz' chaotic equations would be a good exercise indeed

If you do math, sooner or later you to use matrixes. You do not need to reinvent the wheel, even if a standard choice has not been yet emerged. See here.

In general all the Java resources I came across (including this one, are at):

Francesco Serafin, master thesis, introduces to various tools and methods that can be used to integrate partial differential equations:

The subsequent step is to learn OMS: maybe this can be a little more complicated. Anyway, I way to do this is to start with the 2013 summer school:

or you can go and work out the examples you can find at the original OMS site:

I will be improving the resources all the time. So check them once in a while !

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