Friday, December 12, 2014

Using geostatistics to integrate satellite information and modelling on soil moisture

This paper has a long history and explore the idea that geostatistics can be used to integrate satellite information when this is missing. At the same time the whole information is used for assimilated for better driving the Community Land Model. Thank you to Han Xujun for pursuing the publication, when I abandoned any hope, notwithstanding that the paper is a good one.

The paper is entitled: Soil Moisture Estimation by Assimilating L-Band Microwave Brightness Temperature with Geostatistics and Observation Localization, and my co-authors are (in order):
Han Xujun, Xin Li, Rui Jin, and Stefano Endrizzi.  The paper has been accepted by PLOSONE, and you can find the pre-print  here.

Other papers by Xujun are available from his Research Gate Profile.

A little of further bibliography:

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