Wednesday, October 8, 2014


CISLAM is the simplified hydrological model produced by Cristiano Lanni during his P.h. D which was devoted to the study of landslide triggering. The theory behind the code is commented in a Hydrological Processes Paper, and the original code was written in R, but Marco Foi ported it to the Jgrasstools during a fortunate Google Summer of Code.

  • The CISLAM Manual can be found here
  • Source code can be found here.

You can find a jar file ready to be used within a hacked version of JGrassTools 0.7.7: in fact, Marco had to modify a little JGrasstools to get it working. These changes were, so far, never introduced in version 0.8, and therefore for using CISLAM, it is necessary to use this version of JGrasstools: 

The tool has been tested to on the data set that can be found here, the same described in the manual. Other tests, would be necessary indeed. 

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