Thursday, October 9, 2014

A couple of new things from Hydrologis

My former students of Hydrologis, which whom I collaborated in doing the Horton Machine contained in the uDig Spatial Toolbox, came out recently with a few good news.

The first is Stage an application that makes the Spatial Toolbox available alone, in meanwhile uDig migration to Location Tech is ongoing. Besides it offers a way to save and store Geopaparazzi projects in your personal Computer.  In the words of hydrologis:

"The new Spatial Toolbox And Geoscripting Environment is a web application based on the RAP.
The RAP ecosystem exploits the Server-Side Equinox project, which integrates an OSGI engine with classic Servlet Techniques. The RAP framework allows for the development of web applications by means of the java language and supplying a subset of the Eclipse RCP libraries and plugins.

Basing on this technology it is possible to run S.T.A.G.E. both locally or remote and execute modules from the JGrasstools library as well as OMS3 annotated java classes. The modules are executed on the serverside and provide progress feedback to the user as the processing proceeds.
The user interface for the modules is generated on the fly from the code annotations.

S.T.A.G.E. opens possibilities for the execution of remote processes. Servlets can be added to execute modules or syncronize data with a central database instance. Modules can be executed via simple http POST requests, data can be analized and filtered from any connected device or platform.
The modular nature of the application makes it possibile to simply enable functionalities by adding plugins to the installation. This allows for a great deal of customization of the application for the exact purpose of the project involved."

A more extensive description of what Stage does, can be found here.

The second is Lesto, part of the work of Silvia Franceschi for her Ph.D. at University of Bolzano. A set of tools for extracting features from LIDAR data. Information about Lesto can be found here

For who interested in GEOpaparazzi, the last tutorial is here

For getting more information, please contact info <at>

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