Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Java Implementation of R !

Since I am becoming a Java programmer, and an R evangelist,  I found very interesting the FastR project whose scope is to provide a Java implementation of the R language. This would be really interesting, especially thinking to a possible integration among OMS and R, which would be very helpful for data management and I/O for model components.

Jan Vitek, one of the authors of the code, gave a nice presentation about, that can be found below the image.

Any comment is left to the readings and to the trial of the software. Eventually,  other material and  code itself, can be found at github

1 comment:

  1. I find this post very interesting, because I didn't know anything about this package and of its potentialities.

    However, I think would be interesting to do a comparison between this package and the JITs provided in R. The following link points to a site, where Tal Galili
    shows how to use two several JITs directly in R:

    I hope to view more feedback as possible!