Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A summer school on landslides modelling (July 4-10 2013)

Shallow landslides are a widespread hazard on which I did a few selected publications. Modelling landslide occurence is problem that is difficult to grasp also because knowledge about the phenomenon covers geology, geotechnics-geo-mechanics , agronomy (especially regarding the role of roots) and, obviously, hydrology. As a result a modern landslide expert has to get accustomed with several point of views which are often divergent, and various modelling approaches and numerics, which makes uneasy a synthesis. Historically the field has crystallised along some concepts and methods which are summarised in one of my previous posts (Guidelines for the mapping of the triggering of landslides and debris flow). To investigate new ideas, mix the competences, and summarise good old tools, University of Calabria and CUDAM (of University of Trento) organised a summer school of which you can find information in the link below the picture.

Lectures of the school were:

Dino Bellugi, Matteo Berti, Giambattista Chirico, Ning Lu, Riccardo Rigon, Cristina Rulli.

The twenty participants came from nine nations and were selected from doctoral students and post-docs.
In the summer school website, it is here, you can find the lectures and the videos of the school.

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