Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Horton Machine

The Horton Machine is the place where, during the years, I conveyed my tools for the treatment of Digital Elevation Models, which where used in my past research in hydro-gemorphology, and hydrological modelling. Before using it, certainly, it is better that you read the previous post about uDig.
  • An introduction to the analysis of DEM for their use in hydrology can be found here
  • The Horton Machine manual is still splitted in two parts which will be merged as soon as we will be able to o it
    • The tutorial  (a draft in Italian, but looking at the figures can be useful - 38Mb: we are working at its translation and merging with the reference manual in a future publication)
    • The old reference manual which also have some bibliography.
  • If looking to the youtube/uddigis channel and reading the help of the Spatial Toolbox you succeeded in running it below you will find a data set where to make some practice: the  rio Valpiana (100 Mb)

    For your curiosity following the next link, you will find the cost of what you have learned so far, once taught in a commercial environment (that you have to pay separately).

    To come: the documentation of the GIUH model Peakflow, of the semi-distributed model components of the Jgrass-NewAGE system, and of our implementation of SHALSTAB, that are, actually included in the Horton Machine.  Further information can be retrieved also at the Horton Machine site.

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