Tuesday, April 2, 2013

uDig/Jgrasstools resources (in English)

uDig is very much a product for developers, but it can be also a valuable tool for users.
To know what uDig is and does, you can look at this post.
To use uDig, the first thing is to install it, following the instructions at the GIS website. After this first installation,  install the Spatial Toolbox. Now you can think  how to use it !
uDig pages are actually full of information, but I took a little of time to summarise them here too, and also to add some resources that are not available in the official website.
If you do not know what a GIS is, look first at:

For learning about the scripting capabilities of uDig, one can give a look at:
  • to the post by Andrea Antonello on JgrassTechTips (which is a further source of useful information)
The new version of uDig support also geoscripting, and how, it is explained here.

In any case do not forget the screen-casts at:

For who could help, please give a look to the post by Andrea Antonello.

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