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40 fascinating blogs on statistics

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At some point in nearly every (but not all) major and career path, statistics will be encountered. Even tangentially, they still define and describe everything from the efficacy of cancer medications to earned run averages, and everything in between. Understandably, the near-universality of the subject attracts scads of admirers, and the internet provides them with a lovely public platform to trade ideas and insights through blogs, forums, communities, podcasts and more. While not comprehensive, the following list offers up an eclectic mix of blogs to pique the interest of many different breeds of the statistics geek.

1- Probability and statistics blog
: Matt Asher finds statistics and probability everywhere, and his blog offers up some amazing, educational and provocative content.

2 -Xi'an's Og: Not all of the content presented here revolves around statistics, but this Universite Paris Dauphine professor sticks mainly with research, papers, events, computations and Bayesian subject matter.

3- Three-Toed Sloth: Math and statistics geeks wanting to see the disciplines applied to current events, science and plenty more will have plenty to love about Three-Toed Sloth.

4- Statisfaction: PhD students affiliated with the CREST research institute blog extensively about statistics, economics and plenty more relevant, often overlapping topics.

5- Freakonometrics: Anyone with a particular affinity for statistics as it relates to business, economics, finances and more seriously needs to give Arthur Charpentier's blog a visit. Those who do not speak French need only run it through Google Translate to read what he has to say.

6- R-bloggers: 140 contributors discuss the latest news and views from across the R community, which focuses on computational software for statisticians.

7- Statistical modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science: From Dartmouth comes a frequently-updated, highly intelligent resource packed with discussions about statistics, art, political science and plenty of models.

8-The Endeavour: John D. Cook offers math, probability and statistics geeks plenty of intelligent commentary on a wonderful array of related subjects.

9- Revolutions: Give Revolution Analytics' blog a look for detailed discussions about their R programs, open source and — of course — statistics.

10- Numbers Rule Your World: Statistics are absolutely everywhere, and this blog peers into how they permeate daily life as well as marketing, business and economics.

11-The Numbers Guy: Many statistics buffs turn to this Wall Street Journal offering glimpses in how the media and the public use and abuse numbers every day.

12- Observational Epidemiology: Epidemiology, higher education and statistics collide in one frequently updated, insightful resource about the practical applications of the maths and sciences.

13 -Understanding Uncertainty: University of Cambridge's Statistical Lab and the Winton Programme it hosts hope to educate the public about the mathematical risks and uncertainties associated with numerous important topics and current events.

14 - Five Thirty Eight: Nate Silver with The New York Times blogs about the numbers that drive politics, with statistics and calculus forming the site's core.

15 -The Stats Blog: While this resource may not update as often as some of the others listed here, both The Stats Blog and its accompanying website deserve plenty of attention.

16 - Social Science Statistics Blog: Statistics fans who enjoy applying the associated formulas to psychology, sociology and other "soft" sciences would do well to follow Harvard's myriad takes on the matters at hand.

17 - Significance: As both a blog and a magazine, Significance brings statistics to the masses, making it a valuable resource for those new to the discipline.

18 - Realizations in Biostatistics: Check out this resource by a Bayesian biostatistician for some interesting, educational research on the numerical world of medicine and more.

19 - Blog about Stats: Everything readers need to know about this multi-author reference can be found right there in this title — it's a place where anyone who enjoys the subject can come and talk with like-minded individuals.

20 - R-statistics blog: It may update comparatively infrequently to some of the others, but readers curious about R and open source will still enjoy the content here.

21 - R-Chart: Take a look at R from the perspective of a web and database developer, who illustrates main points with some excellent, effective visuals.

22 - The Numbers: Gary Langer explains the statistical and mathematical findings behind recent polls and political undertakings.

23 - Lies, damned lies and statistics: Another seriously cool read merging daily life and statistics, this time focusing on social media, PR, branding and other topics of interest to businesspeople.

24 - Empirical Legal Studies: Several different writers dissect legal issues using statistical models and other empirical means in this enlightening resource.

25 - Stats Make Me Cry: In spite of its glacial schedule, Stats Make Me Cry is still worthwhile reading for those who enjoy learning as much as they can about the eponymous discipline.

26 - CoolData blog: Kevin MacDonnell researches and data mines in order to find interesting tidbits for anyone needing to raise funds for higher education. Statistics, naturally, finds its way into more than a few postings.

27 - Stats with Cats blog: Along with comforting pictures of feline friends, Charlie Kufs' accompaniment to his book makes statistics palatable for eager novices.

28 - LoveStats: For the statistician who embrace social media and market research, LoveStats delivers plenty to pique their interest.

29 - StatChat: Stay on top of news and views from around the worlds of applied statistics, data analysis and their intersections.

30 - Sabermetric Research: Baseball greatly appeals to plenty of statistics geeks out there, but visitors who prefer other sports still see some favorites represented here sometimes.

31 - Statistical Sage Blog: Four different writers keep a general statistics blog that plenty of students and professionals needing to collect data will find a valuable reference.

32 - Fishing in the Bay: Almost everything statistical eventually shows up here at Fishing in the Bay, which looks at things through an Antipodean lens.

33 - Blogs at AnalyticBridge: Scroll down to the "Blog Posts" section on the main page to read a broad number of perspectives from across the statistics and data analysis communities.

34 - Beyond the Box Score: For sabermetrics buffs, this highly engaging forum and blog delves deeply into the numbers that drive baseball.

35 - Mathematics & Statistics at Williams College: Another multi-author resource, offering statistics fans a chance to seek out different opinions and ideas regarding math, education, research and more.

36 - Mr. C's AP Statistics Blog: Visitors hoping to perhaps teach high school statistics someday may find this resource useful, though it does not update as often as some of the others on this list.

37 - dataists: Discover helpful methods the make gathering and analyzing statistical data as easy and painless as possible.

38 - FlowingData: Nathan Yau creatively blends the technical with the creative in his innovative visuals incorporating various statistical findings.

39 - Byte Mining: A statistician-turned-computer scientist talks about both his fields, along with the expected intersections and overlaps.

40 -information aesthetics: Another seriously cool blog blending statistics and data analysis with the latest trends in graphic design and art.

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