Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Using Geopaparazzi

GEOpaparazzi is a very nice tool for doing rapid topographic surveys, taking pictures that are geo-referenced, tracking your walk or excursion, and while walking and looking, taking notes.
This is well explained in the GEOpaparazzi web site.
Obviously it is easy to bring any of the things done into BeeGIS (its larger brother) and JGrass. Connection to Google is provided by exporting .klm files.

Now the wish list:

However, as happens for the good things, using it you would like to have something more. In fact, you can use it only when a GPS satellite is available, that is pretty reasonable thinking for what Geopaparazzi has been created, but the tool is so nice that you would like to use it also for other purposes. For instance, I have a simple app in my iphone where I "twitter-like" annotate what I am doing during the day: especially for helping my memory. A sort of simple diary. It would be great if I could use GEOpaparazzi for doing this. In addition to notes, I could also add picture, and besides, I will have also the location where I did it. This actually would implies that I should like to be able to take notes and picture, when no GPS is available, and let, for instance, the position be taken as soon as a GPS become available. In turn, obviously, this also would imply to have a "Diary viewer". This would make of GEOpaparazzi the insuperable Moleskine of the digital era.

Dreaming too much ?

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