Friday, March 8, 2024

Modelling and Hydrological Modelling

These lecture are actually part of the 2024 course in Hydrological Modelling. However because they can be of some more general interest, I am grouping them also here. They try to review the concepts of modelling in general and when applied to hydrology. In the series of lectures there is also a concise overview of catchment processes. The first lecture image, see below, it a Maurizo Cattelan artwork entitled "A donkey among doctors" which is my attitude when I approach the topic. 

The final idea about the practice to do model is expressed in the paper and in the various posts that regard DARTHs which can be find here.  Among people that more reflected on Hydrological Modelling there is certainly Keith Beven [GS]. To get a glimpse of his contributions, please see this other post which contains some of his relevant papers. 

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