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My Water Management Methods in Agricolture (Class) - The Schedule

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This post contains the material of the class of Water Management in Agricolture. The course is experimental and we are going to convey a lot of information. However, for this reason this page will be constantly under construction until the end of the course. 

Anticipations about the course can be found at:

- Ideas for a Course in Water Management for Agricolture

- Strumenti per la gestione dell'acqua dalla pianta al bacino

Image from: K. Beven's The still dynamics


Classes will be held in English with the help of slides. Slides will be uploaded in advance on this OSF site.

All the video are actually uploaded to the VIMEO Showcase of the class

2022-10-19 - A little of information about the course and Introductions

Some generalities about Radiation

Radiation is the engine of all the water movement. These lessons give some basic information about what we have to account for when trying to estimate it. Reference to the Plank and Stefan-Boltzmann law is a necessary tribute to radiation physics without which nothing can be understood. 

2022-11- 12 - Water in soil and aquifers. Darcy-Buckingham. Hydraulic conductivity. Soil water retention curves (Storyboard2020)

Once precipitations arrive to the ground surface they either infiltrate or generate runoff. We first state how they infiltrate and, actually how water behave in the soil and in the ground. We talk about the complexity of the Earth surface that contains life and call it, the Critical Zone. To study infiltration we introduce the Darcy and Richards equations of which we explain the characteristics. 

2022 - 11- 19
 - The Richardson-Richards equation  (Storyboard 2020, Storyboard2022_2, Storyboard2022_2_2)

Evaporation generalities (Storyboard2020)

A consistent part of root zone and surface water evaporates and returns to the atmosphere to eventually form clouds and precipitation again. The process follows quite complicate routes and is different when happening from liquid surfaces, soil or vegetation (and BTW animals).  In this group of lectures we try to figure out the physical mechanisms that act in the process and give some hint on methods to estimate evaporation and transpiration with physically based models. 

2022 - 12- 01 
2022 - 12- 07 - Differentiation evaporation and transpiration 

2022-12-14  - A very little of hydraulics (with an eye to irrigation) in two storyboards

 To irrigate well a little of hydraulic notions are needed. They re reduced here to the bare-bone. 
2022-12-15 - Irrigation

When irrigating ? Which infrastructures have to be implemented ? How to command and control irrigation ? Using the irrigation system smartly. 

    A. Capra and B. Scicolone - Progettazione e gestione degli impianti di irrigazione -Edagricole

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    for irrigation scheduling." Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research 6.1 (2000): 52-58.

    Goodwin, Ian. Managing water stress in grape vines in Greater Victoria. Department of Primary Industries, (2002- updated 2009)

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