Friday, October 8, 2021

GEOframe Summer School 2021 material is ready for your browsing, inspection, peruse

The GEOframe Summer School, actually held in Autumn this year, is intended  to cover the the (distributed)-process-based hydrological modelling possible in the GEOframe system. This year the distributed part was  not so developed because the focus was on the 1D tools.  The School is intended to be held every year around mid-June.  The image (please let me know the source, which I know is an old book of which I have a copy but I cannot find) represents very well the hydrologic simulation  that our tools can model.  The material (slides, videos, codes, data) are now available to the public and you can find it addressed below. All the material is distributed as open source (the Java codes under GPL v3 license, the Python Codes and all the rest under a Creative Commons license). 

INDEX OF THE LECTURES for the inpatients (links to videos and material)

More details below. 

Specific Documentation

The specific documentation regards papers and thesis written on the GEOframe components used in this School. Other literature, of general interest, is provided within the presentations given during the course. Practical documentation for any of the tasks is provided by means of Jupyter Notebooks, of which the general ones are reported below.


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