Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Travel times and Residence Times explained

Long time ago it was believed that Residence times and travel times were the same concept. This is not true. Long time ago it was also assumed that they could be chosen as time invariant. Recent literature showed that this is not usually the case.  All of this is explained, hopefully in a clearly definitive way in the following presentation.

Yo can find it by clicking on the figure above. This presentation uses drawings, plots, in a way that it cannot be done in a paper (but would be useful sometimes) and can be considered to be a companion of part of our 2016 paper below. Other presentations will follow on the topics of response time and its relation to life expectation. The talk I gave for the WATZON project is here below



Rigon, Riccardo, Marialaura Bancheri, and Timothy R. Green. 2016. “Age-Ranked Hydrological Budgets and a Travel Time Description of Catchment Hydrology.” Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 20 (12): 4929–47.

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