Friday, March 20, 2020

Hydrology 2020 lab

This is the material of the Laboratory Class of the Hydrology Class 2020. You can find the class material here

1: Programs Installation
 2: Installations problem solving

Also here, same topic, by Concetta D'Amato (YouTube2020, Data). 

2020- 04-29 - Exercise with Python
2020 - 05-06 Lab Work on Precipitation extremes
2020 -05-08
2020 -05-13
2020-05-15 - Storyboard of the class 

Simulations with Richards 1D:
  •  The grid creation (YouTube2020)
  • A series of Notebooks with planned simulations for your inspiration (please pay attention that the environment geoframe-vicenza already contains some of the scripts that needed to be uploaded explicitly the examples)
Estimating evaporation and transpiration

Additional material (on radiation)

We need radiation too. The topic is very boring (or technical?) but necessary to who want to do evapotranspiration and snow. After all radiation moves it all.

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