Thursday, January 17, 2019

Material for the post Winter-School-on-GEOframe

Dear All students of the Winter School on GEOframe. Was a pleasure to have you in Trento and a pleasure to see you work so hard for two weeks. On the organizer side, I have to thank my Ph.D. students Michele Bottazzi, Niccolò Tubini, Giovanna dal Piaz for their work and support. I have also to thank my former Ph.D. students Marialaura Bancheri and Francesco Serafin (almost former) for their support in the background. I also thank my former student Giuseppe Formetta and those who contributed in the past to this successful story (see here). For various reasons they were not present at this school, but they are absolutely part of our community.
It is important for us to have feedbacks from you and critique too, if they are constructive. Please address them to the mailing list of the School.

Now I hope that you complete your exercises, and let me to reuse your results for educational purposes. Let me know your opinions. With someone more interested, we can investigate a way to work around some topic and produce a paper on what you are doing.
If you want to go beyond in your knowledge, when you have assimilated well the GEOframe philosophy and tools, with your exercises,you can try Java. To start you can give a look to the Java 101 course for hydrologists. Is by far incomplete but in the next months I will work to add material (by me and collaborators) to bring people to contribute profitably to GEOframe. Our codes remans free and inspected at Github.
I indicated various book for self-instructions on Java that you can find here. I have other on OSF here that you can access upon request. We will certainly help you either at distance or in Trento, if you want to spend a period working with us.

So, again, was a pleasure to meet you.

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