Saturday, January 6, 2018

Miles Traer - It is time for superheores to be environmentally concerned ;-)

I could not do it, to go to New Orleans Fall Meeting this year (but we had a couple of presentations). 
Among others, ut came to my attention a funny session entitled: PA13C Science and Sci-Fi: Using Real Science to Explore Fictional Worlds Posters, with which is nice to begin the series od 2018 posts.

The argument is made to attract attention on Climate Change and Earth Sciences, and have some fun in doing it (see here the Washington Post report)

A couple of poster of the session are available: the first one by the Convener, Traer himself analizes the energy requirements of some superheroes and you can see  the poster in the figure above. His arguments remind me the history of the banned superheroes in The Incredibles

The science below is kind of weak because you have to do some violation of physics (at least the known one) since the beginning when you accept that they can exist (but see the celebrate Kakalios book which takes another route to is), and actually many concerns can be raised on calculation (Geoscientists are nerds too). 

A second poster of some interest is the Engelman and Chure’s one concerned about T-Rex and Godzilla.

Miles Traer’s blog is nice to visit too, either for the comics and the rest.  

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