Saturday, December 17, 2016

Lectures on probability and second order random fields

This is a gift from twenty five years ago. These are lectures from a short course held in Padua at the Department of Applied Mathematics. We were younger then ! I remember the lectures by Diego Bricio Hernandez as exciting and interesting. Looking back at the nineties, one of the dominant topics, were random fields and the interplay of randomness with hydrological phenomena. The work of Gedeon Dagan was one of the growing paradigms. But random fields and techniques (see Bras and Rodriguez-Iturbe book) were ubiquitous in Hydrology. Here they come the Lectures by Diego Bricio Hernandez, a Mexican scholar in sabbatical at Padua University.

You can find the same lectures also on Google Books, but clicking on the figure above, you will have the pdf.  Diego also wrote this "On some guiding principles in mathematical modelling with special emphasis on determinism". Oldies but goodies.

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